Training Courses

Code Title Description Duration
FPL-101 Web UI Programming for Beginners You will learn how to develop a web application using WAMP and MVC framework. This course is essential for you to learn core building blocks for web application development including Apache HTTP web service, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Bootstrap, JQuery, PHP5 etc 40
FPL-102 Java Programming for Beginners You will learn Core Java, its building blocks and important concepts of object-oriented programming: object definition and creation, strong-typed programming, inheritance, polymorphism, abstract, interface, modifiers, data types, data structures etc 40
SQL 101 SQL Programming for Beginners Students will learn Structured Query Language (SQL) to define a relational database and store data records, write queries to manipulate the data records including retrieve, update, delete, insert, find etc., understand and use constraints to enforce data integrity and establish entity-relationship among the data records, understand and use indexes to expedite search performance, learn join technique to retrieve information from multiple data tables, use sub-queries to conduct sequential data mining etc. 40
FPL-104 Develop a Mini Enterprise Web Application You will apply knowledge and skills learned from course FPL-101, FPL-102 and FPL-103 and create a mini enterprise web application 40
FPL-105 Python Programming for Beginners You will learn all major Python components that are essential for rapidly developing high-quality applications, web, workflows, connect to SQL/NoSQL databases, perform data analysis using Eclipse/PyDev and Anaconda platform. 40