Training Courses

Code Title Description Duration
FPL-201 Web UI Programming for Experienced You will learn how to develop a large and complex web application using Bootstrap, JQuery, JavaScript, Ajax etc and Angular 40
FPL-202 Java Programming for Experienced Deepen your understanding of Java programming and start to write programs that are more sophisticated, efficient, and professional. Learn how to write a Java project with a dozen of class definitions to model a real world by fully utilizing core Java OOP concepts you learnt from FPL-102 class, such encapsulation, inheritance, modifiers, abstract, overriding, overloading, read and write data from and to File I/O, data structures, algorithms. Additional learning of Java stream, multi-thread and design patterns (singleton, factory, builder, visitor and so on) may be added depending on student learning pace. 40
FPL-203 SQL Programming for Experienced You will learn advanced Structured Query Language (SQL) to manage large and complex application data sets using technique like function, trigger, procedure, union, recursive query, import and export, backup, reverse engineer etc. 40
FPL-204 Develop a Moderate Enterprise Web Application You will apply knowledge and skills learned from course FPL-201, FPL-202 and FPL-203 and develop a large enterprise web application 40