FPL-103: SQL Programming for Beginners

You will learn Structured Query Language (SQL) to define relational databases and manipulate data records, write basic data queries, work with views, understand and use indexes, join multiple data tables or use sub-queries to retrieve desired information etc.
40 hours
(8 days)
Fees (US$)
To learn basic data manipulations: query, insertion, update, delete
To learn basic data definitions: create, change and drop database objects like dataabse, table, views etc
To learn basic data security, access priviliges and roles
To understand and use indexes
To understand and use constraints
To learn, understand and use query joins
To learn, understand and use views as virtual tables
Basic Windows OS knowldge such as file explorer, software installation, service start/stop/restart etc. Lunix/Unix knowledge or experience is a plus but not required.
- Installation, Setup and Configuration
- Create Database, Understand Schema, Character Set
- Create Database Tables
- Import Data
- Write Basic Data Queries
Data Manipulation Language (DML)
- Write Data Queries, Apply Conditions, Sorts and Patterns
- Compare Data in Queries
- Join Data Sets
Data Definition Language (DDL)
- Create, Alter and Drop Data Tables
- Apply Constraints, Indexes, Defaults, Auto-increment
- Establish Data Relationships
- Create and Use Functions
- Create and Use Views
- Create, Alter and Drop View
- Use View as Virtual Tables for Data Queries
- Create and Use Stored Functions