Training Courses

Code Title Description Duration
FPL-301 Advanced Web UI Programming You will learn how to design and create a product-like responsive web UI application feature using latest Bootstrap, JQuery, ReactJs, FlexSlide and many other tools 20
FPL-302 Java Programming for Advanced You will learn how to create a product-like RESTful application using latest maven-dependent Spring MVC framework, Spring Boot and other technology 20
FPL-303 SQL Programming for Advanced You will learn how to define and manipulate a product-like relational and non-relational databases using latest technology and tools including MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, MongoDB etc 20
FPL-304 Develop a Large Enterprise Web Application You will apply knowledge and skills learned from course FPL-301, FPL-302 and FPL-303 and develop a large enterprise web application 20