About us

Our Mission
  • To provide the highest level of quality and comprehensive on-hands training to our students, ensuring they be competitive and successful in their college and career development.
  • To provide cost- and time-effective learning programs to enhance and enrich students with up-to-date technology and tools
  • To foster and encourage progressive, fast and practical learning to buildup solid knowledge and skills
Our Vision

As the world is driven by AI technology, programming becomes one of hottest skills demanded by industry. Young generation needs to learn programming from scratch. People with programming experience still need to keep renewing, upgrading and sharpening their skills with up-to-date technology, methodology and tools. We foresee the increasingly demands from industry on skilled programming professionals in near future and we want to dedicate ourselves to provide fast and practical learning programs to meet the ever-changing demands and challenges.

Our Programs
  • Classroom training is a mini-size instructor-led learning class. Students bring their own laptops, learn coding in class and practice at home. There are also homework for individual and team project. Upon completion of the training class and pass of comprehensive assessment, students will be given certificates of training completion.
  • Customized training is often one-on-one learning. Students specify specific needs or preference for which programming languages or technology they want to learn. We then design and compose the training content accordingly. The advantage of this learning is that students have large flexibility to choose their pace and schedule. This learning option has been found to be student most favorite learning as they feel they get can maximize their learning compared to other traditional intensive duck-feeding type training.
  • Training of all levels: For Beginners For Experienced For Advanced For Professional
Our Locations
We are currently conduct our training programs at Fairfax Virginia and Rockville Maryland. If you want us to come over to your place for an on-site training, please contact us.