Java 101: Fundamental Java Programming

Learn Java from beginning. No previous programming experience required. Our experienced and certified young teaching staff will guide and lead to know and master everything of core Java: building blocks, object-oriented concepts, date types, flow control, inheritance, polymorphism, abstract, interface, modifiers, data structures etc.
40 hours
(8 days)
Fees (US$)
Write Java object-oriented programs using online or offline IDE
Understand four-pillars of core Java object-oriented concept
Understand differences between class vs object, method pass in by value vs pass in by reference
Know how to use File I/O to read and write data content
Know how to use different data types, loops, flow controls with conditions
Basic Windows OS knowledge such as file explorer, software installation, service start/stop/restart etc. Lunix/Unix knowledge or experience is a plus but not required.
Java Basics
- Overview
- Overview
- Development Tools and Environment setup
- Object and Class
- Basic Data Types
- Loop Control
- Decision Making
- Date and Time
- Attributes and Methods
- Regular Expressions
- File I/O
Java Object-Oriented
- Inheritance
- Overriding and Overloading
- Polymorphism
- Encapsulation and Modifiers
- Interface and Abstract Class
- Package
Data Structures and Algorithms
- Array, List, Set, Map, Tree
- Sort and Search
- Conversions
- Conversions